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Providing You with Adult Braces, Children’s Orthodontist & More in Winnipeg

From children to adults, there is a wide range of people who can benefit from braces in Winnipeg at the office of Dr. Gary Levine.

Early Treatment of Children

Orthodontic treatment for children, who do not yet have all of their adult teeth, is at times recommended to solve a simple problem which may require no further attention after it is corrected, or make future treatment with braces easier and of shorter duration. These phase 1 treatments are usually done for children between the ages of seven and ten, and may involve the use of either retainers or limited braces. If a patient is not yet ready to begin treatment, we will follow that child’s growth until the time is right to begin treatment.

Teens and Adults

The majority of orthodontic treatment is provided to patients who have all of their adult teeth – teens and adults. Most patients begin with orthodontic treatment between the ages of nine and sixteen, but this depends on each individual. Because teenagers are still growing, the teen years are an ideal time to correct orthodontic problems and achieve excellent results.

The teeth never lose the ability to be moved, and as such many adults who did not have the opportunity as teenagers are now undergoing orthodontic treatment.

Dr. Levine offers a discount on orthodontic treatments for WRHA and Manitoba Hydro employees.

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